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    Published 8/22/2014

    Amazing Homes
    Many homeowners feel absolutely lost when it comes to choosing exterior colors for their home. But ‘color stress’ need not be your first reaction, once you learn some easy color considerations that will make your home a neighborhood standout.
    Homes in colder regions benefit from earthy colors to absorb sunlight and create warmth.(Olive Grove SW 7734) When high desert living is the chosen way, the preferred colors are most often just as natural in order to blend with the environment and reflect sunlight.(Golden Gate SW 7679, Burnished Brandy SW 7523) When trim detail is abundant, white is often the best selection.(Dockside Blue SW 7601, Ibis White SW 7000) Cream and green blend beautifully with the natural look of stucco.(Soft Apricot SW 6352, Aloe SW 6464) Stately gray trimmed in white is a perennial favorite and always a standout winner.(Driftwood SW 3027) Cheerful colors such as yellow, peach, and celery green work well in any climate.(Outrageous Green SW 6922)
    Don’t forget the neighbors. Look around at the color combinations of nearby homes. Don’t duplicate. Do coordinate. A house painted deep eggplant may be an eyesore on a street of white Colonials. But the same house could work beautifully in a row of Victorians. Look for ways to update the traditional colors you see, so your house stands out without making people jump back.
    The climate where you live plays a leading role in the exterior color schemes you choose. A light blue house that appears beautifully bright and reflective in sunny, warm locales will only project feelings of iciness and cold in the snowy, frosty climates across northern Snowbelt areas.(Blue Bell SW 6793) Beautifully stained wood grains are magnificent wherever they are used. With extra care, regular cleaning and repeat staining to block moisture and UV bleaching, they’ll remain lovely for a very long time.(Snowbound SW 7004, Green Earth SW 7748) Natural building materials like stone and stucco showcase best with natural trim shades that frame the home.(Summer White SW 7557, Jute Brown SW 6096) Whimsical color combinations need to be carefully chosen and can make older homes fresh and young-looking again.(Glisten Yellow SW 6912, Covered Bridge SW 3508, White Flour SW 7102) Homes in warm regions are often painted white or pastel colors to reflect the sun and keep the structure cooler.(Pure White SW 7005, Bohemian Black SW 6988) Peaceful yellow always looks charming as a handsome core color for many trim selections.(Glisten Yellow SW 6912)
    Many CertaPro Painters® provide free color consultation with a skilled home decorator. Or go online anytime at www.certapro.com and choose the Find Your Colors tab. You can color shop among hundreds of well-crafted, unique and smart-looking color combinations.

    For color ideas to enhance any room in your home, contact your local CertaPro Painters®.
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