• Fresh New Colors From Sherwin Williams

    Published 12/3/2010

    Shannon Kaye sat down with the Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin Williams to discuss the fresh new colors for 2011

    Wow, I just saw the Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2011 presention by Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams- it was amazing! Not only did Jackie offer a beautiful and insightful program, she was the driving force behind organizing a frenzy of color and design trends into four distinctive and gorgeous color palettes; Restless Nomad, Gentle Medley, Purely Defined, and Bold Invention.

    I talked with Jackie about these colors and how to incorporate them into our homes.

    SK: Thank you for talking with me, Jackie. What were your resources for gathering all of this information?

    JJ: The information comes from shelter magazines, the web, workshops, tradeshows, and general travel. The project is an evolution. We’re continually researching and gathering information that culminates into this presentation each year.

    SK: Is there an event or publication that inspires you most?

    JJ: One of the best shows is Maison et Objet just outside of Paris. Not only is this one of the most well attended shows by Design Professionals, it also brings together people from all over the world presenting their designs, many of which never make it to our country but are nevertheless inspiring.

    SK: Most of the people seeking my advice on the CertaPro Painters Forum are a little scared to use color with confidence. Do you have any advice for helping them choose the perfect colors for their rooms?

    JJ: One of the most important things to remember is how lighting effects paint color in your room. Unless you work with color every day and have lots of experience choosing paint colors I recommend painting a large poster board with the color or colors you’re considering. Look at them in the morning, afternoon and night. Also move them behind furniture and artwork and next to your flooring to see what kind of impact those elements will have on the wall color. You may choose to go a little lighter or darker to add greater contrast to existing materials or choose an accent color to make your art work pop.

    SK: That’s great advice. What room or element in a room do you think is overlooked that can be brought to life with paint?

    JJ: First, just painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can give the room warmth that you don’t realize is missing until you try it. Ceilings can be dramatic too, using metallics or bold color and pattern to draw your eyes upwards. Second, for furniture that has seen better days, applying a coat of paint either solid or in a specialty finish, and changing the hardware can do wonders to an old, or even new!, piece of furniture.

    SK: My favorite collection is the Bold Inventions palette, but I noticed that most of my home fits into the Restless Nomad set. Right now, I’m into earthy plum colors and warm gray with bursts of magenta and butterscotch. Do you have a favorite?

    JJ: My favorite is Purely Refined. The dusty subdued colors are so soothing and beautiful- they lend themselves to some sophisticated colors combinations that are so soft and timeless. In my own home I keep the common areas pretty neutral then bring color into more intimate rooms like my studio, guest rooms and other bedrooms. At the end of my neutral hallway, you see the pumpkin orange walls of the game room. It kind of invites people in- I like that.

    SK: What tips can you offer for how to use these colors in our homes? For example, would you paint any of the colors in the Bold Invention category on the walls, or just use them as accents against white or gray?

    JJ: All of the colors can certainly be used on walls, even the Bold Invention Palette. It’s all about personal preference and what colors and design styles resonate with you. The colors are there not only for paint references but to use as a guide when shopping for accessories, textiles and furniture.

    SK: I’m glad you mentioned personal preference. I tell people that a great way to choose a color palette is to look at their favorite things- artwork, souvenirs, heirloom pieces, etc.- as a guide for the paint colors they’ll love. This image from the Bold Invention Palette shows how the artwork and chair cushions drove those paint colors. Thank you for showing how a strong palette can look refined and beautiful. And thank you for organizing such inspirational and approachable colors palettes that can work in any home. I can see people carrying one of these collections around with them as they shop for paint colors and decorations. Is there a brochure or link we can offer them?

    JJ: Yes! Here’s the link to the collections on the Sherwin-Williams website where you can print a PDF version of the palettes. http://www.sherwin-williams.com/pro/paint_colors/explore/paint_color_trends/2011/

    We’re also printing a brochure right now called Today’s Colors. This will be available very soon and features each of the color palettes and room photos to show off these gorgeous looks.

    For more design tips and information on Shannon visit www.shannonkaye.com.

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