• 5 Beautiful Ways to Enhance Your Windows

    Published 2/17/2011

    Window treatments inside the home are among the most visually interesting areas of a house. Why shouldn't the same principle apply outside as well? Just a bit of initiative on your part will make the exterior windows of your home far more attractive. Your local CertaPro professional can install many of these upgrades as part of the overall painting project. 
    Mount Shutters
    Shutters as a decorative element add an immediate dramatic effect. If yours are tired and a bit dated, choose from the wide array of up-to-date, fashionable styles. Two-tone shutters can be especially attractive, adding a colorful, modern flair to a classic look. Take a look here at the boost in appearance you can achieve with stained wood.
    Extra tip: Chance are that when you home was built, shutters were placed only on the front of the house. Adding shutters to side and rear windows can make a big difference in your home's outside appeal. And if weather conditions in your area call for it, hinged shutters that can be closed will kick this decorative element up a notch.

    Add a Cornice
    What a difference a cornice can make! Fitted across the top of the window, it adds personality and pizazz to any exterior window. Weather can take its toll on exterior decorative treatments, so make sure the cornice is primed on all sides to prevent moisture from entering and rotting the wood. Select the style that complements your home- for example, a classic cornice for Mediterranean or European style homes, a sunburst for colonial homes.
    Make Small Appear Larger
    Small windows can be made to look larger by creating a surround for the window. This technique is seen most often in older homes and involves painting a wider frame of color around the window or using foot-wide flat framing around all sides of the window.
    Combine Colors
    Choosing a palette of colors for window sash, cornice, sill and shutters can create a tasteful, beautiful and unique appearance. You'll make the windows look visually interesting by highlighting the different surfaces, but be careful when choosing your color palette to stop short of gaudy.
    Install Window Boxes
    Window boxes filled with colorful flowers or foliage add beauty and dimension to the facade of virtually any house. Keep the design of your home in mind when choosing both the style (modern, elegant, ornate) and material (wrought iron, wood, plastic, terracotta) of the window boxes. Scale is important, too; the box should be the same width as the window and at least 8 inches deep to allow for good root growth.

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