• Signs it is Time to Repaint your Homes Exterior

    Published 5/17/2012

    Remember when you last painted the exterior of your home or put a fresh new coat of stain on your deck?  It felt so great just looking at the finished work. The freshly painted shutters were a perfect compliment to the new exterior color and in an instant your home looked brand new again.  Remember the simple pleasure and even the mild exhilaration you experienced when you paused to admire how it all looked?

    But it’s been a few years; most of us can’t quite remember how long ago it really was. So how do you know when it’s time to repaint your home's exterior?

    CertaPro Painters recommends doing a walk around your home's exterior and keep this checklist handy:

    • Are your soffits, trim, or fascia cracking, peeling or flaking?
    • Is your siding fading or chalking ( a cast that can be noticed when you rub your fingers across the material) ?
    • Is there any discolorations on the siding - especially on the sunny side of the home?
    • Are there any signs of wood rot (look for soft spots in your wood siding that have more exposure to water) ?
    • Is your front door color looking dirty or dull ?


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