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    Published 5/6/2013

    Repainted Outdoor Furniture Makes A Splash


    Just as weather takes its toll on home exteriors, outdoor furniture also takes a beating from the elements. Karen VanGordon, CertaPro Paintiners® of McKinney-Allen, Texas, handles both problems with ease. “We restore and repaint quite a bit of outdoor furniture, both wood and metal. The process is basically the same as home exteriors – thorough prep work, repairs if necessary, then new paint or stain,” she says. But different substrates can present distinct challenges.”

    With metal furniture, removing peeling or flaking paint is the first step in the process, and an equally important task is removing rust before priming and repainting. This often requires a wire brush or a rust converter plus a great deal of patience. “There are simply no shortcuts when we do the prep work,” says VanGordon. “It's key to look and feel of the renewed surface.”


    Mold and mildew also present a refinishing challenge, especially for wood furniture. Proper cleaning of the wood surface, often with a mildewcide, is critical to successful repainting or restaining.

    After careful preparation of the metal or wood surface, an appropriate primer is followed by application of a top-quality paint or stain … and the results are dramatic! “The comment I hear most often from clients is I can't believe it's the same piece of furniture,” says VanGordon. “The furniture looks like new again and really transforms the appearance of the deck or yard. Homeowners get a modern, updated look without the expense of buying new furniture.”



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