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    Published 4/17/2011

    Show Off Their Regional Personality

    So much goes into choosing the right colors for the exterior of your home, colors that are pleasing to you and that move your house to the top of the scale for curb appeal. Although personal preference and sound color principles are certainly essential, there's one variable that's already been determined by you: the region where you live. The wonderful diversity of geography, climate and tradition in North America combine to give each region a distinctive personality that serves as a backdrop for color selections.
    These homes from throughout North America have achieved postcard perfect color harmony that accentuates each home's structural style and the personality of the region. "Color is a wonderful tool that anyone can use," says Susan Wadden, an interior designer with Sherwin-Williams. "And you don't have to spend a lot of money to get great results."
    A Checklist to Follow On Your Exterior Color Pathway

    Be a good neighbor- color coordinate as best as you can with your neighboring homes.

    Consider your climate- lighter, pastel colors reflect strong sunlight and keep a home cooler. Earth tones and bright colors absorb sun and create warmth.
    Pay attention to details- accentuate attractive ones, camouflage unattractive ones.
    Plantings play a roll too- frame plants and flowers you'll keep with colors that reflect them best.
    Narrow your choices- test two or three versions of each color your considering to avoid confusion and color overload.
    Take time to color test- first paint large color swatches on each side of your home and view these choices at different times of the day to see how well you like them in varying amounts of sunlight.

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