• The Whiter, Brighter Approach

    Published 3/9/2012

    Clean, bright, pure white. 

    Who doesn’t love the look of this most basic color selection? Used
    all by itself, white, in either a high-gloss or semi-gloss exterior finish, beautifies with its simplicity. It should certainly be no surprise that white is a very popular choice for exterior house trim. But most people don’t realize it is also the single most popular house color in all of North America. It shows well in so many settings and home styles. When accents of blue, green, black and red shutters and doors are added, white seems to always garner positive reviews from homeowners, friends, neighbors and passers-by.

    When it comes to painting your home white, there are several things you can always be sure of. White provides the cleanest palette upon which to express your preferences. Landscaping will always set off well with your white home. Subtle accents of cream, brown or gray will establish a pleasing and calming appearance. Bold shades of red, blue or black will project a formal look.

    And striking flashes of purple, burgundy or dark green will satisfy your desire for fancy. White, too, will satisfy no matter what the weather. Sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowy days never defeat the bright white rays of a painted white home. And by the way, no one says, “Oh, I’ve really never liked that color,” when the color is white!


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