• Step Up Your Curb Appeal

    Published 4/30/2014


    Ever drive by a home and find yourself immediately drawn to it? Maybe it’s the attractive construction or the lovely setting. Maybe it’s the size of the home, cute and cuddly or large and commanding. Sometimes it’s the lush landscaping, sweeping driveway, or front entry that grabs your attention. Whatever it is that  attracts you – and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint  – the phenomenon is called ‘curb appeal’ and it’s that compelling, love-at-first-sight feeling that makes your heart skip a quick beat.


    Now is the Time to Beautify
    Curb appeal is the pleasing blend of everything that shapes the outside of a home. Real estate professionals tout it as a ‘must’ if you want to attract top dollar when it comes time to sell. But what about now? Why wait to discover your home’s optimum curb appeal until you’re ready to sell? Isn’t it smarter to beautify your home’s exterior now, so that all can enjoy the vision every day, for years to come?

    Color placement and harmony are really  important when it comes to curb appeal.  Victorian homes can look amazing in four  or more artfully chosen colors, while a sleek,  contemporary home typically  looks better with more sophisticated treatments: two tones of a single color or harmonizing color combinations from the same color family.

    Accentuate the Positive
    There are countless easy ways  to accentuate positive aspects of your home’s exterior. New entrance lamps or freshly painted railings in attractive accent colors catch the eye and serve as a beautiful  backdrop for seasonal planters containing flowers of a similar color. Upward well-lighting thrown on walls and into trees establishes soft evening lighting and added safety. Yard-art in sculptures, wind chimes, garden statues and the like personalize the property quite well. And well-placed arbors or trellises to support seasonal flowering vines can soften the home’s façade while adding a lovely dash of color.

    Take a Critical Eye
    Your home probably had good curb appeal when you first saw it, but over time shiny turns shabby. Stand in front of your home with a critical eye and start making your to-do list.

    Is the curbside mailbox looking its best? Clean  it, repaint it, or just replace it. Is the lawn and  landscaping appealing or is it a bit weedy and  overgrown or outsized for the house? Spend a weekend fertilizing and trimming. 

    Sometimes a general spruce-up, thorough cleaning and selective repainting of just a few key items – door and shutters, for example – can give your home the fresh, inviting look you desire. And while you’re at it, be sure all the windows are cleaned to  a sparkle as well.

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