• The Joys of Outdoor Living

    Published 4/30/2014

    Homeowners with outdoor living spaces know how delightful a sunny afternoon or warm evening can be when spent there. Today’s well designed decks and patios have grown more spacious and more livable than ever. But satisfying that urge for easy, comfortable alfresco living requires a bit of forward thinking about what you most enjoy when living outside the walls of your home. These examples validate how well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained decks and patios serve the needs of their owners.

    JoysofOutdoorLiving5 Retreat
    A private, out-of-the-way raised deck creates the perfect retreat. Instead of locating yours in the most remote spot on your property, look for the best setting to establish a sense of privacy from both your home and your neighbors. With a pergola atop, you’ll shield the strongest rays of midday sun while enhancing privacy.
    Cozy and comfortable are the keys to an alluring conversation area. This tiled patio is underroof, yet open to the space beyond and its natural attractiveness.
    JoysofOutdoorLiving8 Dining
    Shady and cool are requirements for outdoor dining areas. If possible, plan your outdoor dining spot for a location near the kitchen or indoor dining room, since this reduces family members’ inclination to avoid carrying food and condiments outdoors to eat.
    For some, it’s the ultimate in outdoor living. An enclosed courtyard for privacy and protection, combined with outdoor airiness, puts you  as close to indoor comforts as you’ll ever get.
    JoysofOutdoorLiving7 Entertaining
    Even at large gatherings, people tend to gather in small groups, so consider organizing your seating in intimate, comfortable arrangements. And since many outdoor gatherings include refreshments and light food, be sure to provide ample space for drinks and plates.
    Once the staple of so many homes, front porches today are reminders of a bygone era when neighbors stopped to chat. Those lucky enough to have one of these gems know how relaxing the evenings spent there can really be.
    JoysofOutdoorLiving4 Sweeping Vistas
    Location, location, location. Never were these choice words of real estate more appropriate. The simplest of furnishings are all that’s needed when the view says it all.
    Outdoor Cooking
    Built to last, this stone and wood deck combines cooking, storage and eating space into a generous sized yet casual grouping.
    JoysofOutdoorLiving9 Night Vision
    Cozy and cool define this western exposure outdoor living room. Soft lighting and the broad gas fire bar are ready to take away the evening chill.

    Visit these websites to learn more about decks and their ability to soothe your soul.
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