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    Published 4/30/2014


    Looking for a way to add exterior warmth and charm – but not too much cost – to improve the appearance of your home? Smart home decorators suggest you focus on window and window shutter updates. For many homes it’s the best low-cost way to go from dull to delightful, usually for a few hundred rather than a few thousand dollars. And the finished redo can be had in a day or two at most.

    Here’s an easy way to decide whether updating your windows and shutters is necessary. Take your cell phone and shoot a few pictures of  different windows and shutters around your home. Now go back inside and review your pics. If your pictures don’t look really good, then you know it’s time to apply a bit of ‘make-up’ to spruce up your home’s appearance.

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    Choosing window and shutter colors is easy when you know the tricks of the trade.
    Window and shutter colors must first work well with your home’s siding, brick, stucco, or stone surfaces. Take some photos of your home at various times of the day,  then view several paint colors to see which work best in different light. Include your plantings in your pictures to see how they influence your home’s appearance. Refer back to these photos as you go about new color selection.

    Varying window trim and shutter colors to complement one another can bring a big appearance boost to your home. A good tip: guard against colors that clash and are too garish together. As a rule of thumb, when in color doubt, they’re too garish.

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    White windows with black shutters are the traditional standbys and always in style. But if your home’s exterior is a dark color, consider window and shutter colors that are lighter to add a more spacious look. And, should your home be a lighter shade, try a few tones darker to shape and frame its appearance.

    If your windows are small and you want them to appear larger and more impressive, paint window and shutters in the same white or light color.

    To accent with some style and a  contemporary feel, shades of charcoal gray, forest green and many hues of red are perfectly good solutions to choose.

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    For color ideas to enhance any room in your home, contact your local CertaPro Painters®.
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