• Southern Belles

    Published 10/1/2014

    Southern Belles
    (Humble Gold SW 6380 / Creamy SW 7012)

    Gracious Southern hospitality has long been a catch-phrase for the warm welcome extended to visitors and guests by residents throughout the Southern states. From Virginia through Texas, it makes little difference whether the visitor is an old friend or new acquaintance. So many homeowners throughout ‘Dixie’ open their doors because it’s just second nature to be nice and hospitable. That relaxed, welcoming feeling is expressed in the room décor and decorating styles in many Southern homes, too. See if you find these examples as friendly and inviting as the owners who live there.

    Hospitality in the South starts outside. Wide front porches that often wrap around the side are a staple of older homes and a desirable feature for new construction as well. It wouldn’t be right without a few rockers or an old-fashioned porch swing to create comfortable conversation spaces for warm afternoons and evenings.(Extra White SW 7006)
Crown molding, beautiful pleated draperies, and softer wall paint colors all combine to express cordiality, as does plentiful comfortable seating and soft carpeting underfoot.(Dancing Green SW 6716, Queen Anne’s Lace SW 6420) 
Remember the parlor. Dating back to the 1800s, Southern parlors were separate, often smaller rooms set aside for private conversations with honored guests. Today’s modern replicas of Southern parlors combine formality with comfort and, while not the most used room in the home, they are often the most loved.(Banana Cream SW 6673, Pure White SW 7005)
Cooking holds a special position in many Southern homes and can sometimes be a family project. So greater cabinet and counter space in a more open, airy environment calls for special treatment. Choosing wall paints in eggshell or semi-gloss finishes can help, too. They are easier to clean after the inevitable splatters and spills.(Great Green SW 6430, Snowbound SW 7004)
Bath and powder rooms express Southern charm when wall colors are softer and the fixtures are reminiscent of a bygone time.  Bright whites used to accent the space also connote perfection and cleanliness.(Rosy Outlook SW 6316, Ibis White SW 7000)

    There's no doubt about it. Southern living feels like life at its best.

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