• Spring Back from Winter Damage

    Published 4/1/2014


    In many parts of North America, this past winter has been one for the record books. So with spring weather finally here, now is the time to check the exterior of your home for winter damage … and then make a plan to get your home back to looking its best. To help you get started, your local CertaPro Painters® offers this checklist of what to look for when determining if your paint is no longer protecting your biggest investment – your home.

    • Blisters – moisture beneath the paint is lifting the paint film in order to escape
    • Chalkiness – the paint film is drying out and will soon lose its ability to protect what's underneath
    • Faded paint or siding – ultraviolet rays from the sun are gradually breaking down the paint's surface, causing both color and protection to fade
    • Flaking and chipping paint – solid evidence that the paint seal is broken
    • Hairline cracks – an early indication of paint failure due to dried-out paint
    • Mildew – appearing as black, gray or brown spots, mildew will degrade the paint and the substrate
    • Missing or shrunken caulk – unless caulk is replaced, it can no longer keep heat and cool in and moisture and insects out
    • Rotted wood – a sure sign that airborne fungi have penetrated moist, unprotected wood
    • Splits in stucco – even slight cracks can grow over time and allow moisture to penetrate and cause problems
    • Wrinkling – could indicate that a previous coat of paint wasn't properly applied

    If you see something that needs attention, your local CertaPro Painters® will come to your home and conduct a free, no-obligation inspection of all exterior surfaces, then provide you with:

    • A comprehensive write-up of what's needed (and only what's needed)
    • A detailed quotation to repaint
    • A multi-year warranty on labor and materials

    To schedule an appointment that's convenient for you, simply call 1-800-GOCERTA (1-800-462-3782) or go to www.certapro.com.


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